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DiSC Personality Assessment Can Help Resolve Workplace Conflict

DiSC is the registered trade mark of a leading personal assessment tool published by Wiley and based on a theory by William Moulton Marston. Marston, a Harvard Ph.D. physiological psychologist, theorized that the behavioral expressions of human emotions could be placed in four primary categories that stem from self-perception in relation to a person’s environment. He labeled the four types Dominance, Inducement, Submission, and Compliance (DiSC). He focused on directly observable psychological phenomena that were measurable and providing people with practical explanations to help them understand and better manage their relationships and experiences in the workplace. In his book “Emotions of Normal People” published in 1928, he explains how normal human emotions can lead to behavioral differences among people and how people’s behavior can change over time.

DiSC personality testing is used every year by over one million people all over the world to improve teamwork, communication, and productivity. The DiSC model provides people with a common language to understand themselves better and to adapt their behavior towards others within a teamwork relationship, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or any other relationship.

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The DiSC Profile

The DiSC Profile is a non-judgemental tool used when participating in discussions regarding behavioral differences in groups. Participants are required to complete a series of questions that will produce a detailed report on each individual’s behavior style and personality. Each person will receive tips based on their particular results on how to better understand and work with people with different styles to their own.

Benefits of DiSC Profiles

DiSC personality assessment can help team members to:

  1. Increase their self-knowledge and how to respond appropriately to conflict. It helps them understand what causes them stress, what motivates them, and how to solve problems.
  2. It teaches productive conflict and how to facilitate better teamwork.
  3. Improves working relationships by helping to recognize the communication needs of other team members.
  4. Develops stronger sales skills by helping to identify and respond to different customer styles.
  5. Develops more effective, well rounded, and self-knowledgeable leaders.
  6. Helps managers become more effective at understanding the priorities and dispositions of team members and employees in general.

The Meaning of the Four Character Types

DiSC Assessment Tool

D – Dominance
Dominance identifies a person who places the most emphasis on accomplishing results, the bottom line, and confidence.

  • Behavior includes
  • Seeing the big picture
  • Getting straight to the point
  • Accepts challenges

i – Influence
Places most emphasis on relationships, openness, and persuading others.
Behavior includes:

  • Likes to collaborate
  • Is optimistic
  • Shows enthusiasm
  • Dislikes being ignored

S – Steadiness
This type of character places most emphasis on sincerity, dependability, and cooperation.
Behavior includes:

  • Calm approach
  • Calm manner
  •  Supportive actions
  • Doesn’t like to be rushed

C – Conscientiousness
This type of person places most emphasis on competency, expertise, and accuracy.
Behavior includes:

  • Wants the details
  • Objective reasoning
  • Enjoys independence
  • Fears being wrong

Popular Everything DiSC profiles include:

  • Workplace
  • Productive Conflict
  • Work of Leaders
  • 363 For Leaders
  • Management
  • Sales
  • DiSC Classic 2.0

With the latest Everything DiSC profiles assessments, people are asked to respond to a phrase instead of a single word which makes it easier to complete. DiSC personality assessments differ from psychological assessments in method and purpose as it is only used to help people to understand the range of normal human behavior in themselves and others better, and not to determine their emotional health.

Thousands of organizations, non-profits, governmental agencies, and Fortune 500 companies use DiSC assessments daily to help people learn how to work more effectively with others in the workplace. Participants in DiSC training programs learn how to relate better to others through their own insights into their own personal behavioral challenges and strengths.

The Latest DiSC Products and Updates

Aptitude Analytics DiSc Profile

The new MyEverythingDisc.com tool was created to make the product more accessible to the user. Participants can now view their profiles and share them, learn more about the theory behind the assessments, and create comparison reports. In 2013 all questionnaires were updated to incorporate a computerized adaptive testing format. With the understanding that conflict is inevitable in a workplace, Everything DiSC Productive Conflict was created in 2017. Instead of focusing on a step-by-step process to resolve conflict, this new profile helps participants identify and curb destructive behavior in order to resolve conflict more productively. Ultimately this results in improved workplace relations and effective conflict resolution.

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